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Flash Player 9 Update Released

Adobe has recently released an updated version of Flash 9 for Linux (as well as other platforms).

This version adds a native GTK interface as well as better full screen support and hardware accelerated rendering. You can read more about it here

So here’s my little review on it. First let me say that I am glad Adobe is supporting Flash on Linux, however they don’t seem too enthusiastic about it (64bit?!)

So here’s what I noticed. Tearing! This is ridiculous. It ruins everything and anything that is Flash. You can view this simple animation to see what I mean. Linky
I contacted Adobe about this but they said they couldn’t reproduce it. I’ve also just tested this out on Windows and I see the same horrible tearing. If anyone else is seeing this please let me know 😉

Second of all, Flash has a tendency to hang the browser in Linux. I don’t know why, it’s never happened on Windows. You can read a bug report here. It’s not specific to Firefox either. I’ve tested many different browsers and have had the same freezing issue. (Opera, Swiftfox, Epiphany, Konqueror) This still has not been fixed.

Third, wmode transparency (Flash overlaying Java script). From what I’ve heard, Linux browser don’t support wmode transparency. But why and how? How can a cross platform browser such as Firefox (or even Opera) support something like that on one platform but not another? Adobe has tons of developers. Developers that have written the infamous Photoshop. You mean they can’t fix a small issue in an itty bitty browser plugin? I’m no programmer, but I just don’t understand how something so small, can take so long to fix. Especially for a corporation like Adobe.

Finally, Flash is broken in Konqueror. Yep, doesn’t work at all. If you try to view a page with Flash content you get a beautiful gray box. And when you leave the page the nsplugin viewer crashes.

Overall, I’m kind of disappointed in this release.

Ok, that turned more into a rant, so


I feel better now 😛