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Wow! Windows Vista!!

I just bought Vista Ultimate and I must say it p0wns Linux. It’s better in every aspect, even security! It’s got a much better implementation of sudo called UAC. I love it. It makes sure I don’t accidentally do something to my system or install rogue software. Whoever says UAC is annoying should check out sudo, now that’s annoying. And the Aero interface, wow! Aero totally owns Compiz Fusion. I mean just look at this blurry shiny glassy interface, there’s nothing like it! And when it comes to hardware, nothing beats Vista. And I can get my work done so much faster with Vista. And I find the EULA much better than the GPL. I’m sorry but Linux isn’t ready for the desktop. I’m going back to Windows.


Bring Back Download Complete Notification in Firefox

I know the Windows version of Firefox has this activated by default and I know the Linux version used to as well, until some time ago. I’m not quite sure when, but it got disabled by default and I’ve always wondered what happened to it. At first I thought it was removed from Firefox as I couldn’t find any option for it anywhere. But it’s still there, just needs some digging around in good old about:config.

If you want to turn it back on, type in


in the address bar. In the Filter box type in


Double click on “false” to change it to “true”

Now the next time you download something you will get that little popup notification in the corner of your screen.



Yes I like to blog about really oddball stuff 😆

I Had to Use the Command Line…

In Windows! Yes, that’s right. I had to use the command line in Windows. As far as I know, the only way to convert a FAT32 drive to NTFS without using any kind of third party program, is to open up a Command Prompt. The reason I found this funny is because one of the main reasons people say that Linux isn’t “ready for the desktop” (whatever that means) is that it doesn’t have a GUI for certain things. Linux gets criticized because it doesn’t have a graphical tool for everything and you have to use the terminal every once in a while. Usually goes something like: “you have to edit config files by hand. Linux isn’t ready for the desktop.” Now you can’t tell me Windows has a GUI for everything. So that said, I have made up my mind. Windows isn’t “ready for the desktop”. I had to use the command line. 😆

(I do actually prefer to use the command line in Linux for certain things.)

Ideas Before Their Time

It seems that with a lot of inventions, ideas, etc. there’s always a precursor. For example, xcompmgr was basically the precursor to what we now know as Compiz Fusion. So I was loading up an old Windows 2000 box with the latest of my favorite open source software, 😀 when I happened to notice something: there’s a lot of features in Windows 2000 that got dropped in XP, but reappeared in Vista. Only they were implemented better. (If you want to call it that 😛 )

Ok, so what the heck am I talking about? In Windows 2000 if you single clicked on an image in the My Pictures folder you would get a little interactive preview thing

This was a feature that was dropped in XP, only to reappear in Vista (not exactly the same, but very close)

Same goes for audio files. Single click on an audio file in Windows 2000 and it brings up a little Windows Media Player plug-in type thing right in Explorer


Yet another feature that was dropped in XP only to pop up again in Vista


Finally, when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete in Windows 2000 it brings up a screen with a bunch of options on it.


Yet again, it’s not present in XP, but came back with Vista


So, where did these features go in XP? Was it as simple as a feature that was before its time?

Just thought that this was interesting. I’m now sitting back at my Linux box. Home sweet home 😉