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Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Brings Better MTP Support

I have a Creative Zen Microphoto mp3 player which uses the MTP protocol. One of the things I missed in Linux was the ability to browse through the files in a file manager. MTP support up till now wasn’t too great. Some programs supported it like Gnomad2, Rhythmbox, and Amarok. But that was about it. If you had an MTP device you couldn’t do too much with it. I have made a request for MTPFS to be packaged. It is now in the Hardy repositories. The beauty of MTPFS is that now you can have the flexibility that any non MTP device has. You can manage all your files right though Nautilus, or any other file manager.

To install it in Hardy all you need to do it

sudo apt-get install mtpfs

Assuming you are part of the FUSE user group (which you should be by default) you should just be able to plug in your player and it should get mounted. If not it should show up under the Places menu. Sometimes it didn’t automatically mount for me.