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Epic Fail

It doesn’t like me 😦

epic failclick for larger view

Lolwut? 😀

This isn’t actually part of Grub like I first thought, but it was part of what I was trying to boot off of a USB drive. It gave me a good laugh nevertheless.


Wow! Windows Vista!!

I just bought Vista Ultimate and I must say it p0wns Linux. It’s better in every aspect, even security! It’s got a much better implementation of sudo called UAC. I love it. It makes sure I don’t accidentally do something to my system or install rogue software. Whoever says UAC is annoying should check out sudo, now that’s annoying. And the Aero interface, wow! Aero totally owns Compiz Fusion. I mean just look at this blurry shiny glassy interface, there’s nothing like it! And when it comes to hardware, nothing beats Vista. And I can get my work done so much faster with Vista. And I find the EULA much better than the GPL. I’m sorry but Linux isn’t ready for the desktop. I’m going back to Windows.

I Love These Things

Whenever this happens it gives me a good laugh. I was browsing around when this popped up:


So I tried to close it and then this popped up:

(sheesh, this thing won’t go away 😛 )

Then when I clicked Cancel another window popped up:

It finally went away after that. It’s funny that they assume everyone runs Windows. Proof that these things don’t actually scan anything and are pure scams.