Update: HP LaserJet p1505 on Ubuntu

I am happy to announce that the HP LaserJet p1505 printer works out of the box on Ubuntu 9.10. 😀 No more hacking around that was required for Ubuntu 9.04. If you followed my other post to compile the drivers and you are going to upgrade to Karmic it would be best to uninstall the compiled version of foo2zjs. Hopefully you’ve kept the source directory around. If so all you need to do is “cd”  into the directory and run

sudo make uninstall

Then you can upgrade and then reinstall the Ubuntu foo2zjs package

sudo apt-get install foo2zjs

When you plug the printer in system-config-printer may prompt you if you want to install a plugin for the printer. Accept and follow the instructions. Afterwards you will probably need to open hp-toolbox and click the “download firmware” button in the main window. Afterwards the printer should be working. That said, after I upgraded and plugged in the printer it “just worked” and I didn’t have to do any of that stuff. As much as I was disappointed that this printer didn’t work in Jaunty, I am equally happy that it is working perfectly in Karmic. 😀


8 thoughts on “Update: HP LaserJet p1505 on Ubuntu”

  1. I had to build the foo2zjs-package as described in the ‘hacking around’ blog post on Kramic, the official way did not work for me. (Laserjet 1020)

  2. just scored a p1505 on craigslist… and it isn’t working for me on 9.10 .. gets as far as the firmware bit and then fails with an error #1806

  3. nevermind… from another blog I found out that I wasn’t suppose to use hplib (works now)… go figure. gah dam proprietary crap

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