Docking Stuff with Kdocker

I have just discovered an awesome little application called Kdocker.  Kdocker allows you to minimize applications to the notification area.  It’s similar to Alltray, however I’ve found Kdocker to have more features and a bit lighter on the RAM usage.  To install it just run

sudo apt-get install kdocker

Then press Alt+F2 and run


The mouse cursor will turn into a little box, then just click on a window to put it in the notification area.  You can also modify a menu entry for an application so that it will go to the notification area whenever it is launched.  Just right click on the Applications menu and select “Edit Menus”.  Find the entry for the application and right click on it and select “Properties”.  Then just prefix the command with kdocker.  This will actually put it in the notification area immediately.  If you want it to open but not go immediately to the notification area, use the -m option.  That will open the application but not hide it immediately.  See

man kdocker

For many other useful options.

I’ve found this particularly useful for Evolution since Evolution can’t put itself in the notification area natively.  This is a nice workaround for that.

The possibilities are endless with the app.  You can dock just about anything, like Firefox or even a terminal 😀


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