Compiz 0.6.2 Backported to Gutsy

Well a few updates just came down out of the Gutsy backports. These happened to be Compiz 0.6.2 😀

compiz (1:0.6.0+git20071008-0ubuntu1.1) to 1:0.6.2+git20071119-0ubuntu1~gutsy1
compiz-core (1:0.6.0+git20071008-0ubuntu1.1) to 1:0.6.2+git20071119-0ubuntu1~gutsy1
compiz-fusion-plugins-extra (0.5.2+git20070928-0ubuntu1) to 0.6.0+git20071121-0ubuntu1~gutsy1
compiz-gnome (1:0.6.0+git20071008-0ubuntu1.1) to 1:0.6.2+git20071119-0ubuntu1~gutsy1
compiz-plugins (1:0.6.0+git20071008-0ubuntu1.1) to 1:0.6.2+git20071119-0ubuntu1~gutsy1
libdecoration0 (1:0.6.0+git20071008-0ubuntu1.1) to 1:0.6.2+git20071119-0ubuntu1~gutsy1

If you would like to update your Compiz, Simply enable the Gutsy Backports repository by going System→Administration→Software Sources. Go to the Updates tab and enable the Gutsy Backports


Reload the Software Sources when prompted. You should then receive an update notification. Have fun 😀

One of the things I noticed is that the drop shadow offset now works properly when adjusted.


3 thoughts on “Compiz 0.6.2 Backported to Gutsy”

  1. Darned upgrade broke my compiz. All my prettiness has gone away, I’ve lost the compizconfig settings manager and instead have the compiz settings manager which appears to have no effect on my system.

    I’m still a bit of a Linux dunce, so I’ve no idea if or how I can make this compiz work, or revert to the older version. Besides, I have no idea which version I was running before, lol.

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