HP Photosmart C7280 with Ubuntu

6 04 2008

You’ve got to love HP for their printer support under Linux. It’s unmatched as far as I can tell. Well I just picked up an HP Photosmart C7280 printer/copier/fax machine. It’s listed here as compatible with HPLIP and sure enough it worked out of the box, well almost. HPLIP wasn’t giving me the correct driver when I was trying to set it up. I found out I needed to install the hpijs-ppds package. Then I tried again and I was given the correct driver. I have it hooked up wirelessly. Yes this printer is wireless! :D HP Toolbox contains a load of tools from fax stuff to scanning and everything in between. And I can access this printer from any of the computers on my little network. :) Another great new hardware experience in Linux. :)

I say that if you don’t want a hardware nightmare in Linux do your research first. ;)

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6 04 2008

I have one of those. :D

7 04 2008

Thanks for your support of HPLIP! We greatly appreciate all feedback and comments.

All the best!


8 05 2008

So – everything works? Scanning over LAN and WLAN too? How about duplex printing?

With linux, I’ve grown used to “working” having shades of grey. So I want to be sure what working means here before I lay out $200.

Thank you for this post.

8 05 2008

Yes, scanning works over the LAN and WLAN. :) I haven’t tried duplex printing though.
If you’re using Hardy you should only need to install the hpijs-ppds package. If you’re using Gutsy though, you need to enable the Backports and upgrade hplip since the version that comes with Gutsy is too old and install the hpijs-ppds.

13 05 2008

I can’t say the same. I took the printer and configured the network wirelessy (no cable at all), the printer recognized the router and says it’s connected to the network, but I can install it on my PCs. Does it have to be wire conected to any of the computers or it’s supposed to work if it communicates with the router via WiFi?

13 05 2008

It should work regardless of whether it’s wired or not. Make sure you have the hpijs-ppds package installed along with hplip-gui. You can’t set this up through the regular printer configuration tool. It needs to be setup through HPLIP Toolbox.

5 07 2008

Woot! Thanks for the help, mine is up and running beautifully (and wirelessly)!

11 07 2008
Carol Bradley

How on earth do you get to the HPLIP Toolbox?

11 07 2008

Simple do
sudo apt-get install hplip-gui
You can then find it under System→Preferences→HPLIP Toolbox

4 08 2008

will it work on an eee with xubuntu maybe ubuntu later

7 08 2008

Thank you very, very much. Is works perfectly, better than with the supplied Windows drivers!! :D

10 09 2008

Can anyone verify if duplex printing / scanning works correctly?

11 09 2008

I went ahead and bought the C7280. Auto-depluex printing works fine in Ubuntu (Hardy), scanning can use the ADF, xsane multipage projects allow double-sdied printing. :-)

20 09 2008

Hahaha! Nice. My wife and I both started to set the printer up when we got home with it, and I had the Ubuntu up and printing off of it a good three times sooner than she had all the drivers and software installed from the install disc. Sweet.

24 10 2008

Worked brilliantly for me, just as these guys say, duplex was a surprise, I didn’t know it had it in it, scanning no problem, faxing too easy… Only thing not working out of the box is the card reader, but that is because I don’t care about them. I am sure I could get it running if I wanted to.

I set the IP address as I didn’t want it conflicting with a server I have that was offline at the time.

Only thing bugging me right now is a slight green cast to photos and getting it to print correctly on the 10×15 cm photo card, it printed landscape format photo across as if it thought the output was portrait, but I am sure that was operator error :)

24 10 2008

Hi, glad to hear it worked out for you too. :) You mentioned the card reader which is something I really never tested out, so I tried it and it didn’t work, but I found out on the HPLIP website that that feature only works when it’s connected via USB. So it doesn’t work over the network.

“USB mass storage only. You may mount the photocard as a storage drive over USB only. Refer to your distribution’s documentation for setup and usage instructions.”

A small disadvantage to a network setup, but oh well. :)

22 04 2009

“sudo apt-get install hplip-gui” worked perfectly. I just started using Linux again. Had not used it for years since I found it frustrating, perticulary considering finding drivers and setting up hardware. Just set up my HP printer AND enabled my Nvidia graphics card in mere minutes. Not hours! The printer works great on Linux….better in fact then in Windows. Under Vista (blah) I am constantly having issues.

17 08 2009

It worked for me without any problem on Ubuntu 9.04 64 bits version. :)

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